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October 27th, 2016 at 10:42 am

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back. Ultimately we lost discipline. Someone asked about my health focus - I am 280 days free of my addiction to nicotine. I'm still very active over at the quit chewing tobacco site. In fact, I've tried to send a couple of the guys over here.

One of the expenses that ended up on my credit card is a gold cap on one of my molars. The molar directly closest to where I held my wad of tobacco for so many years. So, I have no doubt about the cause of the deterioration of the tooth. The cap cost about $1,100.

You would think that quitting the tobacco would allow me to save money. Unfortunately, I've been buying a lot of junk food and sugar free gum to subside the cravings. Basically, I've spent up to half on alternatives to keep my mouth busy as I spent on the tobacco itself.

So, this is day two of my concerted effort to stop buying the junk.

Thanks again for the kind words and thoughts.


October 26th, 2016 at 12:13 pm

Looks like I haven't posted since March.

We've gotten ourselves into a CC debt problem again. It's about 11K. Hard to believe I let it happen again.

The debt is all on one card, and as of right now, at 8.9% interest. As long as I don't miss any payments, it will stay at 8.9%.

It's also maxed out, or close to it. So, as long as we don't start charging up another card, which I don't think we'll do, it will stay at 11K or less.

That's it for now. But, I'll get active here again.