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4-H Camp

May 12th, 2015 at 12:50 pm

DD1 has attended our local three-day 4-H camp for the past four years. She's always enjoyed herself at camp, and the camp includes activities and learning opportunities. But, the camp doesn't really stretch or challenge the kids. It's more fun and games than learning.

She learned of an opportunity to attend a natural resources 4-H camp this summer. It appears as if the emphasis is much more on learning, with plenty of fun thrown in. She was excited about this opportunity, and we told her that she would have to decide which one of the two camps she would prefer to attend. She decided to attend the natural resources camp.

She was required to fill out an application for the nat. resources camp. I have no idea how competitive it might have been, but she was required to have had previous experience in natural resources, and she used her experience in maple syrup production.

She found out last week that she was accepted to attend the nat. resources camp. This camp is about twice as expensive as the local 4-H camp - $400 vs. (I think) $180 or so. DD1 applied for a couple scholarships to attend. The first scholarship was through the camp itself. She found out when she was accepted for the camp that she was also awarded the $50 scholarship. She also applied for a scholarship through our local 4-H council. We found out today that she was awarded a $150 scholarship from the council.

With the two scholarships, the cost to attend the natural resources camp is very similar to attending the local camp, with a much more enriching experience.

The natural resources camp is almost 200 miles away, as opposed to 30 miles for the local camp. But, we all think the experience is worth the extra time and expense. And, I believe there is a bus that she can ride with other camp attendees from the east side of the state, and we'll have to drive her about 45 miles to catch that.