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Credit Card Personalities II

January 17th, 2012 at 05:37 am

In one of my very early blog posts (last April)I described different "personalities" that I envisioned each of my credit cards having.

I described CC4 as a sort of an imp or a gremlin. He is green with a sinister smile and razor sharp teeth. He jumps around a lot and chews stuff up and just plain creates a mess of things.

Since that original post, I have transferred the balance to a new credit card. It has had a 0.0% interest rate, that will baloon to 20.99% in February. The balance is now 50% of what it was in April. So, now I envision the same little gremlin, only I've knocked out about half its teeth. But, it's regaining strength, and is becoming ready to reign more terror on my finances.

I described CC2 as a slow moving giant with a big club. He kind of swings that club around a lot and crushes my finances.

Something signifiant has happened to that card since April - the interest rate dropped from 12.9 to 8.9%. The balance is 87% of what it was in April. So the "giant" (principal potion) is nearly as big as it was 9 months ago, but the club (interest portion) has decreased in size and damage causing potential quite a bit. But, it's still a pretty big club!

In April I wrote that CC's 2 and 3 have lower interest rates - in the 5% range, They are like two overgrown, clumsy kids, kind of tripping on things an knocking stuff over, but creating spills that I can tend to. I'd just rather be doing other things with my time (or money) so to speak.

Nothing has changed on the interest side. CC 3 demands a higher monthly payment, so the principal has dropped accordingly by 49%. So it's more of a toddler now, rather than a clumsy overgrown kid.

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