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Roof Waste

November 16th, 2011 at 06:03 am

I disposed of my roof waste last Friday. To start the story at the beginning, we called around for dumpster rental quotes, and found out that the minimum that we would have to pay was $250. That was more than we wanted to spend, so we decided to borrow my dad's trailer, and we had the roofers pile the waste onto it.

I hauled the trailer to the land fill, about 12 miles away, and the disposal fee was $19. I made two trips to the salvage yard, about 4 miles away. One trip was the scrap steel, and the second trp was the scrap aluminum. The steel brought $32, and the aluminum brought $20. Probably twenty percent plus or so of the scrap steel was other scrap we had laying around, so we'll say that the scrap steel from the roof was worth $25.

So: Cost for trash disposal - $19
Proceeds from steel - $25
Proceeds from aluminum - $20
Cost for travel (40 miles @ $.50 per mile) - $20

Net for waste disposal - $6.

Sure beats $250 for dumpster rental.

But, if we had rented the dumpster, there is some other trash laying around the place that we would have disposed of. I guess I need to make another $19 trip to the landfill!

2 Responses to “Roof Waste”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great way to reduce your costs!!

  2. laura Says:

    Smart! Smile

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